NL*Alfrodull's Bendeke
Red tabby blodched / white
NFO d 09 - 22
Born  04 - 08 - 2016
W.a.b.  143 gram
Father: CH NL*Sven-Olov Fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
Mother: GIC NL*Alfrodull's Teddy Lunell

PKdef: free by parenthood

GSD-IV: free by parenthood


This was/is a story of it's own. As we decided that in 2 years from now the cattery is going to closed down we would love to have a kitten after Sven. Of course the wish was to be a female kitten to be born. After a very good pregancy Teddy gave birth to 1 kitten. Of course, as always, I wasn't there so dear Helma did the delivery together with Teddy. After the kitten was born there was a quick look and there was Felix. I wasn't for 100% sure that she was ready. So a day after i took Teddy to the vet to make a X-ray. The X-ray showed that there was still a kitten inside her. This kitten was big very big. The echo showed that there was a strong hartbeat. Together with the vet we decided that she cannot get this kitten the normal way so she has to be operated. We decided that she also was to be neuterd. This would be her last litter. So we left her at the vet and brought Felix to her so that Felix could have his milk. After a while the vet called and told us that the kitten was born with a open stommach so, Oscar that was the name to be, was euthenaist. A few weeks later when Felix was walking around the house I looked up to him and said to Helma I think we have made a mistake. Felix is not a he but a she. So Bendeke was born. As you know or maybe do not know but Bendeke was the founder of our Cattery so in this the circle is closed now.
We proudly present our new and last new entree in the cattery Alfrodull's Bendeke