We are expecting kittens between

IC*NL Alfrodull's Maggie Lunel NFO f 22       x         NL*Wouter van de Desert Prins NFO n

Pedigree: https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&v=fi&ids=3:1298944;2:957322&g=4&p=nfo&o=ajgrep

It was a long search to find a good male for Maggie as we didn't want to use a male that we already used with Maggie. Finally we found Wouter.
Wouter is a son of V-Power and I like V-Power very much. As V-Power was not available, supralorin, Dorothee proposed to use Wouter. There was a risk. Wouter didn't proved himself as he is a young inexperienced male. But we took the risk, and with some help from Dorothee, Wouter succeded to mate Maggie a few times. Maggie is one of those females that shows very soon after mating if she is pregnant. So after 2 weeks we were already pretty sure that she was pregnant but we waited with the message until we are 100% sure of it. We are happy that Wouter managed be course Maggie is not a easy cat to mate.
Possible clour of kittens
Red (tabby)
Black (tabby)
Tortie (tabby)
Black (tabby)