Quinzel's Quanuk Seamus

Seamus was the first CKCS that came in our house. We where looking for a dog to add to the family. It was and is Helma's little wish to have a dog. She didn't want a big dog but also not a small dog. So it had to be some where in between. So the search began. After looking and sometimes visiting she found a breeder in Oude Schans. This is in the North of Holland just at the German border. Helma found a breeder and one of the dogs was pregnant. After a long talk with the breeder we where allowed to have a puppy. And after a long wait we got a call and the breeder informed us that there where 3 puppy's born. 2 females and 1 male. So Seamus was born be course we asked and wished for a male. He is now a addult and fully grown. He is a very proud dog and a dog with a super temper.
He is all we wanted for.