S*ZIMEXIS Jaden Exxon
Born 27-04-2003
Died 05-03-2007

 We miss this beautiful guy every day.
 He was a marvellous guy that give us some very lovely offspring.
 Through that he was some shy he had a tremendous character and he was a very good father for his baby's.
jaden we still love you

Born 19-sept-2001
Died 06-11-2010

We got Max as a dog that had to leave. He was a very busy guy. He was almost 8 years old when he came to life with us. We hoped for a long an happy life for him. In spite life had other meanings with him. His kidneys became bad very bad and on the 06 of November 2010 he passed away with all the animals in his neighbourhood. He has his place in our harts now.  


The founder of our cattery is not longer amoung us. 14.5 years ago you have seen the daylight and now it is dark.
She was the first breeding cat and the Lady who started the Cattery. She was a lovely Lady with a super temper. A great Mother and Grandmother. She has given us some beautiful kittens and after 5 litters it was enough for her and she became our first neuter. Thank you Bendeke that you have made part of our life. We love you and you will always be in our harts and mind.

There is an old belief
That on some distant shore
Far from despair and grieve
Old friends shall meet once more !