Now here we are. We are Helma en Ruud Bovendeerd and we live in a little village called Steenwijk.

We are now breeding for 15 years and we think that we now a little bit experienced in the breeding of these beautiful cats. We mean the words “a little bit” be course we are learning every day when we are working with our beauty’s. We love to having all the animals around us. The dogs to hug and go walking in the woods and the cats to hug and play with. The cats have there own room where they can sleep, run, eat and other cat things. For our male we have a special male run where he lives and does his male things. The females have the complete garden to play in. There is no possibility that they can leave the garden. That took a while to have it like that but now they will do no attempt to leave the garden for what reason so ever. We have a max of 10 cats . Our goal is to breed strong build Norwegian Forest Cats who have a beautiful temper. We like more the older type of the NFO’s that means big strong cats with a very good coat and profile’s. But the most important thing is the character of the cat. To achieve this we are very carefully with the males. Our Alexander is a very big boy with a beautiful temper. We are already looking for a other male for the time when Alexander is going to retire. And that will take a while. All of the cats will be tested on HCM – PKD and if necessary GDS-IV. All the results of these test you can see if you visit us. The kittens that are born here are living with us. Only the first 10 days the will life at the cat room but after that they are going to life in the living room to get used to all the sounds and the rest of the animals and people that are living here. After a few weeks they also can go outside to play in the garden and that is so much fun to see. From one day to another there is so much more space to play in and that is the time that we watch the weight of the kittens very carefully. With all that playing they sometimes forget to eat so in this time we give them some extra’s in the way of fresh meat or fish or Greek Yoghurt The new owners of a kitten can visit the kitten as much as they like but at least once so we can speak to them face to face in stead of phone or mail. Of course when you are living very far away that is something else. We keep the new owner up to date of the development of her kitten and we do that by phone or by mail. Mostly by mail be course we send pictures also. The kittens will life here for at least 13 weeks.. They will be vaccinated two times and they will be chip marked. Of course they will be free of worms and flea's and they will have a pedigree and the international animal passport. The minimum weight of the kitten must be 1500 gram otherwise it is not allowed to leave the cattery. When there are no problems the kitten is ready to leave after 13 to 16 weeks.
Why? We also would like so see where the kitten is going to life for the rest of his live. This is of course where the kitten is going to but you can say that when the kitten stays within Europe we will bring it. The kitten will have all kinds of things when we bring it to you and also a surprise. What that is????? That is and will be a surprise.